Master Perfumer

The courses offered by UKPA approved schools are for the exploration by anyone who loves perfume or has an interest in perfumery and who wants to make their own perfume or for those considering perfumery as a career.  The courses provide an excellent insight into the perfume industry and a real world experience of a fully operational perfume laboratory.


UKPA approved schools have at least one professionally trained perfumer able to instruct small groups of students on a one to one basis in courses level one and two. 

List of approved schools :


Fabulous Perfumers Training School


Principal & Senior Tutor: Tsung-Shih, Candy Kuo



            Yu-Jie, Wang -

            Yi-Chen, Chen -

            Mei-Fang, Chiang -

            Ting-Hui, Chang -

            Man-Xuan, Yin -

            Ting-chih, Tsao -

            Chih-Chiang, Tsai -

            You-Ru, Wu -

            Szu-Ting, Stinna Lin -

            Yi-Chen, Wu -

            Meng-Fei, Chiang -

            Ming-Shan, Deng - 

            Chung-Chun, Yu -

            Sylvia Lim Sze Wei -

            Lee Shian Wee -

            Lau Chew See -

            Yap Mei Ching -

            Hsin-Chieh, Wen -

            Yi-Chen, Chen -

            Ou Yang Yuan Yu -

            Yun-Chin, Lee -

            Chia-Wen, Chen -

            Chiu-Tzu, Huang -


Fabulous Perfumers Training School Malaysia Branch   


Principal & Senior Tutor: Tsung-Shih, Candy Kuo


Educational Director: NG AI KAI -


Tutors:  Teoh Joo Yin -

             Chui Kit See -

             Jeanie LimKai Quing-

             Chong Ching Shien -

             Fong Hon Kit -   


Fabulous Perfumers Training School Hong Kong Branch


Prinicpal & Senior Tutor: Tsung-Shih, Candy Kuo


Senior Tutor : CHAN LIK YAN



            LAM KIM YEE -

            SHUM HO YIN -

            CHENG HIN WAH -



JWS Aroma Massage & Beauty Training International


Principal & Senior Tutor : Ying-Chih, Chou (Joyce Chou)