Membership of the UKPA is available on two levels.  Student membership is available for anyone who has an interest in the profession and has completed a level one course at an approved school.  Topics covered are: 


  • Natural perfumery and commercial perfumery
  • Aromatherapy - theory, practice and psychology of smell
  • Learning to use the equipment of perfume making and testing
  • Odour classification - how perfumes can be grouped into classifications
  • Understand blending techniques and making perfect natural blends
  • Overview of natural and synthetic perfumery materials
  • Making perfect natural blends and being able to create an individual perfume knowledgeably
  • Learning how to structure a perfume and create it from raw materials
  • Make your own distinctive perfume
  • 30 raw materials are used on the level one course



Full membership is available to graduates of the level two courses which additionally involves:


  • Advanced odour classification and smelling techniques
  • Learning the role of a creative perfumer
  • 55 raw materials are used on the level two course
  • How to create perfumes safely and confidently
  • Creating samples of all modern fragrance groups
  • How to create commercially viable fragrances
  • Developing your product line and learning how to cost them
  • Learning how to produce the necessary documentation to conform with regulations